I like to work somewhere between order and chaos, intention and chance, knowing and not knowing. My seed ideas are concerned with interconnections - nerves, pathways, growth and fragility; memories from childhood and my experiences in yoga and meditation; and the sensations of vulnerability and folly in life.

The organic and cumulative process of painting leads me; ideas and images unfold, mingle, and synthesize through layering, obscuring, uncovering. As I work, each veil of material responds to what came before, the simple geometries slowly begin to unravel, and spills of color slip forward and back.

Collage begins the process - areas of color, images, and random marks. Monkeys offer a stand-in for the human figure - at once foolish and wise, mischievous and unworldly. A partial image of the yogic nadis - the subtle channels of the body which flow within and without - is a building block for many of the compositions. The loose geometrical shapes give structure; the organic forms relinquish that control and my task is to discover new ways to unify and ultimately find balance. The wax seals in the first layer, encasing and sometimes veiling; last, the oil paint brings out richness and harmonies. This way of working has become a permeable container for my ideas, an opening into play and unexpected wanderings.